Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Excitement in the Morrill Home

Monday night was full of excitement in our house. One of our Bishops friends was getting rid of his entertainment center, so he gave it to the Bishop to give to one of the flood victims from the latest flood. Well none of the flood victims from our ward wanted it because it was either too big or not what they wanted. So our Bishop sent out an email to the ward, say that he had this Entertainment Center for free if anyone wanted. From the description it sounded like something my mom would like. So on Monday night my Mom and Dad went to look at it to see if they would like it and if it would work in out home. Us kids didn't know if they would get it so when they pulled up to the door instead of into the carport Hanna Tyra and Hyram got all excited. And when Hanna saw the new Entertainment Center all she could say was, "Wow, its HUGE!!!" It was cute. It took my mom and dad almost half the night to put everything together, and get everything hooked up, along with finding a place for all our movies. But when i woke up the next morning it looked really nice. My mom's not too sure if she will like it, but i think it look really nice.

Heres the Entertainment Center:

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