Thursday, December 10, 2009

Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!!!

So its that time of year again. This year we decided to go get our christmas tree from the mountains at last minute. We only had three hours to go up into the mountains, find the perfect tree, and then get back to North Bend so i could be at work. It was a lot of fun. But it was really cold. This year though the snow was just a big ice block. So we were able to walk on top of the snow. But after searching for a while we found the perfect tree (which was the first tree we had looked out). It was a lot of fun but a rushed trip. But we had finally found the perfect tree.

Seince I had to work on Saturday night. We werent able to decorate the tree then. But on sunday night after chruch for Family Home Evening, we pulled out all our christmas decorations and decorated the tree, and our house for christmas. And now it feels like christmas here. Decorating the tree was a lot of fun. The night was full of fun, music, laughter, homemade eggnog, and Chrismas Decorations. It was a fun night.


Friday, September 4, 2009

Ocean Trip

The last weekend before school started, we took one last trip for the summer. We went and spent 3 days in Long Beach Wa. It was a lot of fun. The first day and night it just poured down rain on us. And then on saturday the sun started to come out. And by Sunday there was a lot of sun. On Friday we went into town, and walked around looking at all the cool little shops that are in Long Beach, And also playing in the surf (even though that wasnt the plan). On Saturday, we woke up got ready for the day, and went and saw two light houses, the Lewis and Clark museum, A cute little farmers market. And then we played in the surf some more. Then on Sunday we woke up, packed up camp, and then went to this cute little beach called Waikiki, where we had fun drawing in the sand and exploring the Jetty. After waikiki, we started our long drive home, where we ran into traffic. But enjoyed ourselfs by listening to fun music, dancing, and getting wierd looks from other drivers that passed us on the road. It was a fun weekend, even if it was cold and rainy. (P.S. Sorry the pictures are small, I dont know what happend to them)

This is me infront of the Light House, we all posed excpet for hyram.



Kayla and Me

Mom, Hanna, and Tyra


Runnin towards the surf

Playing in the Surf

My Dad

More playing in the Surf

Hanna, Tyra, and I

On Saturday Hyram wanted to get a wave board, wich is a little board you ride across the surf, and when other people do it, it looks easy, but for us it wasnt. This was my atempt, i was about to fall off.

Hyram on the wave board! He did the best out of all of us, and latter he even had fun riding on the wave board with the waves like a surf board.

Kayla, right after she fell of the wave board. Kayla didnt have as much luck with it as Hyram did.

My Mom and Dad enjoying the ocean and watching us play in the surf.

Exploring the Jetty on Suday at Wiakiki.

Kayla Sitting on a log at Wiakiki.
These are only just some of the 143 pictures that Kayla, my Mom, and I took while at the ocean. I wish i could of put more in this post, but for some reason it wont let me. I hope i got i picture of everyone. And if you want to see more pictures of the ocean you can to go to mines, or kaylas faceboook, Because we both uploaded all the pictures there.