Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This Christmas was really nice, my grandma and grandmpa patteson came up and spent the night. On Christmas Eve us kids put on a play of the nativity. I was the narrator, kayla was the guy at the inn, Tyra was Mary, Hyram was Joshep, and Hanna was the angel. After the nativity we read the story form the scriptures and then I read a story from the New Era on the gifts of Christmas. And then we listened to the Mormon Tabernaclle Choir. It was a really fun night.

Even thought we went to bed early, sleep did not come to both Kayla, Hyram, and I. We stayed up till it was really really late at night. And then with the excitement of Christmas Kayla and i were up by 2 in the morning. Kayla and I sat around looking at the tree and the presents till around 4 in the morning when Hyram Tyra and Hanna got up. We then went and woke up my parents and had tons of fun opening all our presents and enjoying seeing the looks on everyone's face as we opened the presents.

In the picture above, Tyra got two Trixie Beldon books which she is really enjoying reading at the moment!

I opened this huge box not really knowing what it was, but when i got it opened. I was so surprised. In this box was a Laptop from Dell. I was so excited, I've wanted one for a long time, now i wont have to fight with Kayla over who gets the computer first to work on homework. The funny thing was, when the package came in the mail i was the one who signed for it from UPS, and i didn't even realize what was in the box.

I wasn't the only one who got a really nice present kayla opened this present and found a really nice digital camera that she can take with her where ever she goes, and she is already using it constantly taking pictures all the time. Kayla really enjoys taking pictures and now she can take them when ever. (which she is doing all the time)

My mom works for a really lovely old lady name Dorthy McNay, and she spoils us all the time, for Christmas she got all of us Christmas gifts. Kayla and i were given the same thing, In that little box, was a little glass crystal that hangs off a beaded string. Its really pretty.

Hyram was so excited when he say his gift from Santa. He got a remote control helicopter. He absolutely loves this thing, and he fly's it all the time. I personally think its like a big dragonfly, and it really hurts when it runs into you, but he still really really enjoys it.

Hanna got this really really cute dress, which she loves. It looks really cute on her. She wore it to church the Sunday after Christmas.
When we were all done we had a huge huge mess that had to be cleaned up, we ended up filling 4 garbage bags full of paper and stuff from Christmas Morning.
Both Kayla and I really enjoyed getting new cloths for Christmas. And This picture was taken to try out kayla's new camera. It turned out pretty cute, so we decided to keep it.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Days

For an early Christmas gift, we were given three extra days to our winter break. On Wednesday it started to snow, and has been snowing ever sense. We got about a foot of snow in the end. We've had tons and tons of fun playing around in the snow and getting completely frozen and soaked. But although we had all this snow, we weren't able to build a snowman because the snow has been very very powdery. But it has been fun!!!! Here are some of the pictures from the last several days.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Witer Wonder Land

Every year we have the tradition of going up into the mountains to get our christmas tree. We love doing this every year, even though we always get scared going up and down the mountain, it is still one of our favorite traditons. This last saturday, we spent the day and went up into the mountains to get our christmas tree. On the way up, we got stopped and this is us sitting in the car waiting to continue up the mountain.
Chillin' in the car

Cuttie Pie!!!!!

Ain't she so Cute!!!

Someone's a little tired:)

Opps Never Mind, She Woke up ;)

Mom And Dad were scopping out the area looking for the perfect tree.
Hyram Became a little buried in the snow while helping looking for the perfect tree.
Hyram and Dad thought they had found the perfect tree so they set off across the feild to try to find one.

While Waiting us girls decided to go sleding !!!
We had Tons of Fun and Enjoyed Every minute of it!!!

By the Time we left we were all soaking wet, and freezing cold but we all had a good time, and we were able to get the perfect christmas tree that we later Decortated

The Finished Product! Its so Pretty!