Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Music Man

This past couple of weeks my life has been extreamly busy. Our stake is putting on a production of the play "Music Man", So i decided to try out for a part. And even with my limited dancing and acting skills i still got a very fun part. I am in all the towns people scenes and i am a teen dancer in the songs Mariam the Libraian, and Shoppi. I beleive i am also going to be in the band. I am very excited about the play, and cant wait for the finished production. We have only had four practices, and we have already learned three of the dances for the show. It is interesting to see how the directors are mapping things out, for the cast there are about 18 young women who tried out (and every single one of them got a part as a dancer) and only about 4 young men tried out. So we have been trying to recruit more boys. But it is still a lot of fun and i cant wait for the Show. Our preformance dates are March 20th and 21st. So we have a lot to do in a short amount of time.
On top of being in the play, I was also offered a job to work for my best friends dad. He is a bankruptcy Lawyer, and i work in his office filling papers and files and other things he needs me to do. I really like this job becuase 1. the job is really easy 2. I only work about twice a week and 3. I dont work for that long of hours. This has been really nice because it fits with my schedule and still gives me time to hang out with family, be in the play, and get my homework done.
My life is extremely busy, and is sometimes stressfull, but im enjoying almost every moment of it.