Thursday, December 18, 2008

Witer Wonder Land

Every year we have the tradition of going up into the mountains to get our christmas tree. We love doing this every year, even though we always get scared going up and down the mountain, it is still one of our favorite traditons. This last saturday, we spent the day and went up into the mountains to get our christmas tree. On the way up, we got stopped and this is us sitting in the car waiting to continue up the mountain.
Chillin' in the car

Cuttie Pie!!!!!

Ain't she so Cute!!!

Someone's a little tired:)

Opps Never Mind, She Woke up ;)

Mom And Dad were scopping out the area looking for the perfect tree.
Hyram Became a little buried in the snow while helping looking for the perfect tree.
Hyram and Dad thought they had found the perfect tree so they set off across the feild to try to find one.

While Waiting us girls decided to go sleding !!!
We had Tons of Fun and Enjoyed Every minute of it!!!

By the Time we left we were all soaking wet, and freezing cold but we all had a good time, and we were able to get the perfect christmas tree that we later Decortated

The Finished Product! Its so Pretty!


  1. This is sooooooo cool! Now you guys are really finding out ways to see us! McKenna

  2. hey this looks like that would be very fun well see ya new years eve bye

    cheyanne hansen